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Sometimes it amazes me some of the stuff I read on social media. Musicians complaining about other musicians “being posers” on Facebook or wherever trying to act bigger than they are or cooler than other bands. Well #1 that is their job and #2 just because someone takes it that […]

What Musicians Can Learn From UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen

“Rock School” articles by Nashville-based entertainment firm The Lowry Agency’s David Lowry ( to be published by Metalholic Magazine ( Now an even larger audience can take advantage of his wisdom due to Metalholic Magazines subscriber base and stellar longstanding reputation in the rock and metal music scene. Metalholic Magazine is […]

The Lowry Agency to Publish “Rock School” Articles on

By David Lowry Agent Cooper is a prog rock band from Atlanta, GA that has a gentle throw back sound to some of the classic prog rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s in it’s heyday but at the same time has captured some of the modern sounds of today’s […]

Agent Cooper “From The Ashes” CD Review