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Monday morning I was on Facebook to see if Mayfair Games had posted my review of Star Trek Catan which they did because (thank you) they understand social media much better than just about all the rest of the of the board game publishing companies and I noticed in their […]

Thoughts after the ASTRA Toy & Game Convention in Nashville, ...

For those of you looking to get into tabletop board games, but not sure how, a great place to start is with Geek & Sundry’s show TableTop hosted by none other than Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wesley Crusher, Wil Wheaton who does a fabulous job of explaining the games and keeping the interest level high. TableTop is […]

Geek & Sundry’s TableTop Board Game Web Series

Hello! I am David Lowry and welcome the first article written for the tabletop board game section of Geek Eccentric. In this primer I hope to help educate those of you not familiar with the ever-growing popularity of designer board games and the types that there are. Most of us are familiar with American mass-market games like Monopoly, Scrabble or Pictionary. While these […]

The Geek Eccentric Table Top Board Game Primer