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We had the immense pleasure of working with Scott Morris and Arcane Wonders again on a second video for the Mage Wars Game series. In this video, we built up the combat example of “Brogan vs. The Hydra” found on page 30 of the new Mage Wars Arena Core Box […]

The Lowry Agency In Association With Arcane Wonders Release A ...

    The Lowry Agency announces the release of a new promo video for Folklore: The Affliction, now on Kickstarter. The Lowry Agency/Club Fantasci in association with Greenbrier Games and True Fire Studios have developed a new promo video for Folklore: The Affliction. For more information about video production, please […]

Folklore: The Affliction Now on Kickstarter – Video by The ...

The Lowry Agency reveals their new quick sell series for games targeted for industry distributors and retailers. Sep. 21, 2015 – Nashville, TN. — ] The Lowry Agency ( in association with Club Fantasci ( have announced their new video series entitled Quick Sell to the board game, role-playing game and card game industry. […]

The Lowry Agency Announces Their New Quick Sell Video Series

The Lowry Agency/Club Fantasci in association with Arcane Wonders developed a new 7-step battle demo video for Mage Wars Arena. For more information about video production, please contact The Lowry Agency here. Find out more about more about Mage Wars Arena here: Arcane Wonders: For more information about The Lowry […]

New Mage Wars Arena by Arcane Wonders Video Developed by ...

    Heroes of the Colosseum Now Available Two Hour Wargames announces that Heroes of the Colosseum is now in stock and available to the public. June 8th , 2015 – Lake Havasu, AZ. — ] Two Hour Wargames ( in association with  Lock ’n Load Publishing ( are excited to announce the release […]

Heroes of the Colosseum is Now Available

Monday morning I was on Facebook to see if Mayfair Games had posted my review of Star Trek Catan which they did because (thank you) they understand social media much better than just about all the rest of the of the board game publishing companies and I noticed in their […]

Thoughts after the ASTRA Toy & Game Convention in Nashville, ...

  Alarm klaxons are blaring across the Gotham City night. A light cuts through the dense terror consuming the city. The people are panicking, as they know what those alarms mean, a jailbreak from Arkham Asylum. The one place all of Gotham City’s worst, most dangerous criminals are being kept […]

Batman Arkham City Escape The Board Game Review by David ...

Reviewers: Board Games: The Dice Tower Shut Up & Sit Down The Esoteric Order of Gamers Board Game Quest Role-Playing Games: G*M*S Magazine Publishers: Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) Arcane Wonders Asmodee Bandai Cryptozoic Entertainment Days of Wonder Evil Hat Productions Fantasy Flight Games Fireside Games Game Salute Gamelyn Games Gamewright […]

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