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THE PROMOTIONAL KIT   Biography  – Form Performance Description Performer Background. Special Performances Recordings Quotes Notable Venues General Information Sheet A list of information that isn’t necessary to include but can be helpful.   Contains things like places the artist has played by category (festivals, concert halls, clubs, radio and television […]

The Promotional Kit

The Lowry Agency is full service artist management/development and promotions agency. We work with musicians, actors, speakers, voice over artists, entertainment companies, music coordination/supervision for film and TV as well as MMA promotions. We strive to help our clients identify and fulfill their entertainment goals. The Lowry Agency helps clients to […]

List of Services

THE COST OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS A SOAPBOX FOR INDIE ARTISTS As I peruse the Twitter landscape with the recent elections that happened, I see lots of political talk and some very extreme views being posted by artists that are trying to grow a fan base. These same artists […]

The Cost of Using Social Media As a Soapbox for ...